Christmas 2012

We are putting together the update a bit late this year. It was Marian's turn to do the Christmas/New Year's/Valentine's Day card this year and she chose to put a blue ribbon on the card instead of writing an update. Too bad as she is a very good writer.

We've had another great year enjoying life in the great Inland Northwest.

Marian started as a freshman at Gonzaga Preparatory School or GPrep in the fall. She's met many new friends and judging from the number of sleep overs is getting on well. The promised two hours of homework appear to be getting done in spite of it all. Marian learned to ski with us last year

John is a senior at Central Valley High School. He has applied to several colleges and has been accepted for admission four so far: Western Michigan, Montana State, University of Northern Colorado and University of Idaho. We are still waiting to hear from University of Colorado and are working on final details for Washington State and Eastern Washington University. John has done quite a bit of skiing both last season and early this season. When the weather is right he goes out mountain biking quite a bit and is a work out fiend these days.

Emily is now Junior at University of North Carolina and is enjoying college life. She took