2022 - Life is good!

We wanted to share some highlights from our year. It included a few trips, some parties, dogs, and a baby!

Hannah and John welcomed Arthur Jude on July 13th

An early shot of Mom, Dad and baby

In April, Phil went to Africa with Mark, CEO of IntelliTect. To read about the trip, see Mark's excellent blog posts. We had many very memorable moments meeting with the people that run the organizations that Intellitect supports as well as those being served by the organizations. We also took a few incredible side trips for which I have just a few highlights below. Africa is an incredible country filled with incredible people.

End of April, early May we headed east for niece Nicole's wedding in New Hope PA. Cathy and I then headed to New York, up to Newport RI and then finished in Boston seeing Anne, Andrew, Evan, Janet and Jack

Grammie and Emily

Phil and Cathy at the rehearsal dinner

Phil and Emily at the wedding

How Grammie rolls. Brew pub, New Hope, PA

Walking the High Line with Christy (thanks for the lift)

Walking the High Line, NY

Hades Town

When in New York, eat bagels

Cool light fixture, New York

Enough already, New York

Newport, RI

White Horse Inn, RI


Hiking with sis in MA

In early June, we had a baby shower for Hannah and John. All pitched together with Allie doing a lot of the driving (yes, I got all the items on the list she gave me completed). Weather was not awesome, but having a finished patio, and a tent, and a lot of people celebrating Hannah, John and baby made all the difference.

Hannah, John and Allie

Chelsea (Gramma to be) and Dusty

In June, we headed to a firewatch tower in Montana. Allie, Lief and Ryan spent a night with us.

Allie, Ryan and Leif keeping warm by the fire

Phil, Cathy and Leif on a hike

Phil and Cathy love hotdogs on the fire

Accomodations for the evening

Leif making new friends

Emily with friends in Chicago last summer

Marian and Connor in Italy in April

Lots of dogs

Apollo just chillin

Hi Phin

The crew hanging in the back yard: Beau, Phin, Louie

Cathy's favorite: Bonnie Lake

Our big house project this year was the backyard. We put in a patio "hardscape" in Cathy speak. We had significant help from Emily and John on the patio. We had a large looming deadline: we hosted a baby shower for Hannah and John in early June! We incorporated a Frank Lloyd Wright designed fountain Cathy acquired many years ago. It's also a great space for the Ofyr wood fire grille we acquired. (Cathy's company is a rep). Over the summer, I built an outdoor buffet from extra wood we had on hand from other projects including planter boxes and pallets. John helped me with he concrete top. It was only 105 F that day.

We love it out there! It has been a great space for entertaining or just relaxing at the end of a hectic work day: "Alexa, fountain on!"

Work in progress

Phinn surveying progress: "Dis job ain't gettin' done by da baby showa. "


In August, we headed to Bend, Oregon for Tedeschi Trucks and to enjoy a bit of nature. And beer.

A few more concerts from throughout the year ... I didn't get them all

Evening in Manito Park

Black Crowes at the Kettle House

Amos Lee at the Fox Theatre

Cathy and Leif at Harry Potter night at the Symphony

Grammie, Cathy and Kathy at the Nutcracker at the Fox n December

We were incredibly fortunate and blessed to get the whole crew, including dogs, to Priest Lake in October

We had many the backyard dinner around the Ofyr this year. Thanksgiving cooking this year included 1 of 2 turkeys cooked on the Ofyr. Outside easily won the taste test.

Turkey in progress

Turkey dinner - done

We made few trips to Chicago throughout the year to see family and do what we could to help my Dad through some health troubles. Dad is 94 and going pretty strong at the moment.

Feliz Aniversario!

The h-crew

Phil doing what Phil does best

That's a wrap for this year. We're playing it out in front the fire.